Vignesh is a part of New York based South Asian dance company, Aalokam. Aalokam marks the coming together of two talented Bharatnatyam dancers, Bharathi Penneswaran and Jyotsna Kalyansundar. Trained in the Kalakshetra style, both bring together more than 20 years of experience each in training, performing and teaching Bharatnatyam in India and in USA. The idea behind Aalokam is to showcase the elegance and beauty of this classical Indian dance form through innovative set pieces. Combining rhythm, hand gestures and facial expressions, these dance pieces convey exotic tales from Indian mythology and folklore. Vignesh frequently sings and composes for their dance productions. They are currently working on a performance series titled "Mehfil" that portrays the beauty intertwined in raga and rasa in an intimate setting.

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